After several days of back and forth with Facebook, I have decided to not return to the forum.

I was charged with being abusive due to my last article and was reported as a fake profile on my personal page. Despite having all the correct documentation and several linked accounts that corroborate my truthfulness, Facebook refused to relinquish my account and asked me not to make a new one.

I have decided to honor their request and instead will be working with a few ladies to keep the groups functioning and posts available to you ladies. I thank you all for your support and prayers during this time!

Please do not speak harshly on this topic and do not think I am upset. Facebook is not so important as to waste time being sad over. This ministry is so much bigger and able to do so much more than simply what Facebook can offer. Together, we will push forward for the glory of God! His will shall be done in His time and place.




2 thoughts on “Update”

  1. I still don’t get what it was that you did that was abusive. Did you write an article about spanking or something? Where is it? I don’t see anything.

    1. No. Unfortunately, Facebook decided to sensor me. I received screenshots from some friends that showed any comment or message I sent that mentioned the Bible, Christ, Prayer etc was sensored but my others remained. It is very unfortunate but certainly not something I am going to waste time or energy on being upset about. Thank you for your support Nada!

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